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    Talking I'm New

    as requested, here I'm posted new topic to informed

    I'm new member. did registered with different nick before on year 2000. but that's great-great grandfather story.

    anw I can see a lot of valuable info here right now compare when I first know this website. and is i'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong, last time the discussion is by using mailing list and not via forum like this.
    even most of the website apparent have change now, but i still can remember the black screen browser before any page load and of coz the jargon files .

    please do give me anything for me to learn...


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    HI webweb,

    Welcome to AO. Well, as far as learning 'something' is concerned, there are a lot of tutorials out there on the site. Check them and pick the one which sounds interesting to you.

    PS: After looking at your 'English', I can conclude that it is not your primary language!
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    hi jockey,

    yes, it's not my primary language and sure will check all the information here.

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    Welcome back. Had a little trouble putting your post together but nothing that some coffee, snorkel and my trusty roach clip couldn't fix.
    anyhow the jargon files are fun but i prefer to stay up late playing around with the Tool's 'n Toys.


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