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    Thanks, I have one hard disk which went bad some nice time ago. I will check things on that.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Alright, I need to formally apologize

    I did some digging on my own too. It seems the format command before MS-DOS 5.0 would overwrite all data with 0xF6. After 5.0 they introduced a "safe" format, meaning it would just clear the file/block allocation tables and clears the directory entries. They also added the unformat command to restore it again in case of an accidental format. To use the "old" style format (which overwrites the data) you can use the /u option.

    NT, 2K, XP etc still don't overwrite any previous data (so it's recoverable) and it looks like Vista does overwrite (destroying anything that was on that partition).
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    No need to apilogise at all SirDice.

    It lead to an interesting discussion which will all learned from, I know I certainly did.


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