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Thread: RSS issues

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    RSS issues

    I use iGoogle, the cool looking google homepage with rss feeds and whatnot.

    And whenever I click on a link from the AO RSS feed, it will bring me to the site but tell me I do not have permission to access the page.

    Yet as far as I know I can see almost everything on this site except for Mod/Admin only jazz

    Now if I straight to AO and look for that thread I was denied for, I can usually open it right up. No issues.

    From what I can tell it is not an issue with individual forums. Being I have been denied access to Adicts, GC, and afew other forums a few times.

    Its not that big of a glitch, but Just thought you would like to know

    Thanks. Agent Boudreau
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    Is it when you click on an article link or the title which should bring you to the page?

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