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    Yes, that takes you to the Windows version.............. my link is to the Linux/Unix varietals

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    varietals = variations?!?!

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    More information:
    # uname -a
    SunOS xxxx 5.9 Generic_122300-03 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-280R
    The Prime95 works great, the reason I am trying to boost these machines heat output is because they are located in a relatively non-ventalated room, and I wanted to simulate how potentially hot this room could get for security purposes. These seem to be doing great so I'll let you know what I end up gettin the room up to .
    Thanks again guys
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    varietals = variations?!?!
    Yes Sir!............. sorry the cactus show is coming up............

    I will show one that would be an instant 5 years in Rikers......... but it is playing in a bigger league than it ever has done before?................... hell! if the little toad wins, then I will have to play "major league" from now on in........... my little friend fom Arizona? (yes, I do have a certificate/licence..... both sides of the Pond) well he will go next year, assuming I can get some labour.......... he is only around 6 foot at the moment

    And my Papaver Somulensis are just about ready for the craft knife job

    Not that I do anything illegal or abnormal for over here; hell, the opium poppies are also growing around the local police station!

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