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    Quote Originally Posted by JPnyc
    I used to use Outlook, but a couple of features, or lack thereof, drove me nuts. For example, the fact that it gave a new email notice even for junk mail, mail filtered out by some rule or other. I use The Bat! now, pro version, although the home version would've sufficed just as well. Uses far less memory than blunderbird with a ton more features.
    Hmmm just downloaded and installed TheBat, i must say it is indeed a nice program, similar looking to outlook but less cluttered, i wouldn't recommened it to the technology challenged, simply because once the install is done you have to enter all the relevant details etc.
    It's now happily recieving close to 2,000 emails from my gmail account. And it's not stealing any extra system resources while doing it sweeeeet...

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    Yep, it's efficient in it's resource gobbling. The quick templates feature is indispensable for anyone who uses a lot of boilerplate replies in their job, like me, for instance. You can send different autoresponses based on email or content. Lots of features

    Oh, and if you happen to use Kaspersky it's spam filtering was made to interface with The Bat!. It'll just show up in the plugins list, nothing to do but configure.

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