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    Im currently starting a new project just a little one on the side. Basically we have a NAS 200gb for all the departments to put there work on. We want to auto move unused files


    Server1 - NAS
    Server2 - Old server bunch of drives
    Server3 - same config as server2
    TapeDrive - Does our backups

    Basically we want to move files not used in the last 6months to either server1 or 2 and add a shortcut, we want to use them as archives (because we are governemt somethings need to be kept several years)

    We will back these servers up everytime stuff is added maybe a scan is ran every 2 or 3 months. Any ideas guys would like to keep the cost to nothing if possible

    *sort of the same thing symantec enterprise vault does*
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    well, I imagine that a script which retrieves the last modified date shouldn't be too much trouble, or even the last accessed date. I seem to recall that accessing the last accessed date resets it though. Then you can have your script move everything not used in six months easily.

    Saying that, I tried to make a script to count up the total space used within a folder and went horribly wrong.
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    ive got a little program called shortcut, name says it all creates a shortcut of the file, any ideas how i can get the file path to a text file or something so i can just make a loop laater that goes around and automatically does it
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