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    Question unusual Ebay Auction.

    this rather unusual Ebay auction. Your bid here is for the entire lot of laptop computers and laptop parts shown in the photos below. (Mr. Wu, tools, and other items laying around are not included in auction.) Note: All are proudly SMASHED to pieces by Mr. Wu.

    Ebay what more can you say, but some people will try to sell almost anything on there.

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    Thats an expensive hobby :S
    If the world doesn't stop annoying me I will name my kids ";DROP DATABASE;" and get revenge.

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    Not expensive for the laptops he mangled... They were all like p1's and older. I could see buying a broken laptop to use for parts but 1. he broke them on purpose and 2. they are old and worthless. Unusual indeed.

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    hahhahahaha. i bid 10 grand!

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