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Thread: Usb Wifi Device

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    Usb Wifi Device


    Im new comer here... interested with wifi, i've planned to buy wifi usb device that suitable for all environment Operating System specialy linux, bsd and windows...

    heard a lot about DWL122 from irongeeks, and prism and atheros chipset...

    Any recommend from you guys...

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    hey bud welcome. you should find it very nice and comfortable here.

    anyway, im not a networking guru, but i know quite a bit, HOWEVER, dont take my advice as if it were coming from god.

    with all that said,

    my friend uses the wifi in his house, and connects 3 computers in fact (2 different usb's)

    the main router/ethernet line is connected to one computer, then through a linxys router, spread to the other computers (one upstairs the other downstairs).

    i have been on all 3 computers seeing as how i used to live at his house we hopped online and gamed all the time.

    the speed i witnessed, was outstanding. 350kbs on a download on each computer, never lost connectivity.

    my opinion, the best way to go.

    and yes, it should work on all enviroments. his downstairs computer uses OpenSuse 10.0 with that usb.

    hope i helped

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