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    Video Help

    Hi all

    I downloaded a video on bit torrent. The title of the folder/film is Filmtitle.TeleCine-XviD-CK.

    When I open the folder I get an MSinfo document , .sfv file and lots of winrar files ( since the winrar files are part 1, 2, all the way to part 50 , im guessing its the film broken up )

    My question is how do I convert / copy this to DVD to watch within my DVD player . Also what tools do I use ?


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    The .nfo file isn't an MSInfo document. Open it with notepad and read
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    Leave all the .rar files in the same place, then just extract the first one and it should automatically extract the rest of the .rar files into one file, then you can just burn that one onto the DVD or CDr

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    I'd recommend wordpad not notepad, wordpad handles the *nix newline char notepad doesn't.

    As Teabags said, extract the file then something like nero will easily convert it to DVD format to work in a standard player. You might need a dual layer disc, or two discs.
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