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    In regards to Win XP INstallation

    hey fellas,

    i am about to buy a brand new laptop. not sure which kind, but a laptop nonetheless.

    anyway, i am going to get win vista home prem.

    but i dont like the look of vista ALL TOO WELL. in fact, i downright hate it.

    question is, i have an xp disk, but its for my desktop dell. i want to partition my hd to allow xp, vista, and opensuse 10.0 Linux.

    opensuse is no issue, and vista is already installed, but what about xp? its already used on my desktop.... would i have to buy a completely brand new xp disk or could i use the same one ?



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    If you've got a Dell XP disk, it's going to be specific to a Dell unit
    and of no use on a new unit. You will need another XP cd. You
    might try some college kids you know for something from one of
    their bookstores. It's going to get tougher and tougher to find a
    legit copy of XP. JMTB (just my two bits).
    “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” — Will Rogers

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    Xp Home OEM is just under $100. IMO its worth "downgrading" to it. The disks that come with xps ARE generic and work the same as any other xp disk. As far as licensing, yes you need to buy a new copy legally.

    You dont technically need a new disk if you can find a place to buy COA's - they are hard to find though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brokencrow
    If you've got a Dell XP disk, it's going to be specific to a Dell unit
    and of no use on a new unit.
    This isn't correct. The computer that I am currently using used to be an eMachines box. The only thing that hasn't been changed is the case/power supply. Everything else has been replaced. The Windows XP 'activation code' is still active...it's on a sticker on the backside of the case. Never had a problem reactivating it thru numerous total formats and hardware changes. Spend a lot of time Removing drivers and software upon reformat, but it always works.

    1.8 Celeron --> 3.06 Celeron D processor
    128MB RAM --> 1 Gig
    And let's not forget the swap of the Motherboard from the packaged one to a BioStar P4.

    Through all of that, the Product Key for XP(the very first version of it...none of the SP1,SP2 stuff...although it updates it automatically) for the 'Original system' has never been rejected to date. Just gotta be careful about getting rid of drivers and programs that may have come pre-installed.

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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    I recently contacted MS on Vista licensing....and backward installs or downgrading the OS...to XP

    And they said

    "You have to buy a copy of XP"

    Before you used to be able to run a lesser\previous version of software...

    This has changed with Vista.

    I had a hell of a time trying to find a XP laptop when Vista first came out

    Dell was selling monster hardware with Vista...but you couldnt downgade to XP....they were offering XP for more money on lesser hardware

    I believe they have changed their stand...

    I havent had time to test or work with Vista...and am awaiting the first SP

    There was no way I was gonna give an exec a Vista machine and not be able to suppport it.....

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    thanks fellas. yah, finding a good xp cd now, brand new, is near impossible and not worth my time.

    i figured i would have to buy a new copy of xp.

    yes it is definitely worth downgrading in my opinion. Hence the reason i want to do it

    Question: Can i use my cd and buy a new cd key? or need to buy the ENTIRE cd from a store in a box? Kinda like the program STEAM if anyone is familiar with it..

    umm... yah thanks guys

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    Question: Can i use my cd and buy a new cd key? or need to buy the ENTIRE cd from a store in a box? Kinda like the program STEAM if anyone is familiar with it..
    No, you can't. I will give you my personal take on this, but please bear in mind that what I say is based on my UK experience so things could well be different in other countries.

    1. Your CD is a Dell CD, it is not a "retail" CD and it is not even an OEM CD such as us small builders provide. As mentioned by others above, the Dell CD is for Dell hardware and builds. Same goes for HP/Compaq and the rest.

    2. MS may be prepared to sell you another licence for an OEM copy or a commercial version, but not for a Dell (or any other "branded" box). The miserable toads always say something like "consult your equipment supplier". That is why the stuff I build always comes with a commercial or OTC OEM version, rather than these "recovery disks"............ yeah I will build them one, but that is just an ISO/mirror that includes latest firewall, anti-malware and basic installed apps.

    And yes, I know you "uber 1337'5" are just busting a gut to prove me wrong....... do it on this site at your peril.......... we have a code of practice, and illegal activity is not permitted. For those who do not understand, please read this........... carefully!



    Might I ask you a very personal question?.......... Just what the hell kind of IT professional do you think that you are going to make if you are wanting to buy today's hardware with yesterday's operating system???????

    OH! YEAH!............ I forgot.............

    1. I must have a laptop to be Kewl at skewl.
    2. I must boot a linux distro; depite the fact that 99.99% of humanity, and a number of killer whales that nihil personally knows, manage quite nicely without doing so.
    3. But I need a boot of windows that I am familiar with, like a comfort blanket?

    Hey, have courage and "go for it"............. otherwise the inner coven of AO will have to be convened and I will suggest that you are forced to use Windows ME until Hell freezes over After all, there is more to IT than bragging rights?

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    nihil your a funny one

    i want xp cuz i dont like vista. i like the slighty more hands on interactivity.

    1. i do not boast/brag/show off. i want a laptop because i want a laptop, not for any other reason.

    2. linux is my hacking portion >.< and virus free. if i get a problem with windows, linux here i come
    3. windows kicks buttttt!!

    HEY! i like windows me

    but yah, i was just curious, i figured id have to do all this, just buy a new disk, but i want to be sure to save some money!

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    I guess you have a few options........... I reported a while back that Dell had rethought their approach to corporate customers, and extended that to Joe Public, but that might be over now, and it would tie you to a Dell.

    That leaves you with options like:

    1. Find an older machine that still ships with XP.......... problem would be that it would probably have older hardware specs to match? That might not be too bad if you get one that is "Vista ready" and may even have a Vista upgrade coupon with it.

    2. Look for a copy of XP in mom & pop stores or smaller retail suppliers.

    I would suggest that you get a couple of computer shopper/buyer magazines and look at the guys who deal in surplus or older stuff.


    I have just had a chance to look. Certainly in the UK I would have no problem in getting a copy of XP. Try Google, and look down the right hand margin for the sponsored links (advertisers).

    So, your options in more detail would seem to be:

    1. Buy your laptop and require a copy of XP with it. As it is a new computer this would entitle you to an OEM version (cheaper than boxed retail).

    2. Buy an OEM version. Depending on your supplier they may require a "hardware purchase" *cough*

    3. Buy a "systems developer" version. These are not for sale to consumers but to system builders. When you deliver the machine you have to provide your support telephone/net contact in a prominent position.

    4. Get an "upgrade version" .............. these should be quite cheap, as they are pretty much useless now that Vista is out. Here you will have to format your HDD, load a legitimate version of 98SE or ME, then upgrade it to XP.


    That still leaves the immutable fact that Vista is reality and that sooner or later you are going to have to face it.
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    haha nihil.

    im just going to buy a lappy top and have it vista ready, buy a new version of xp from the store, load it onto another partition and go from there

    i didnt mean to make you do all this research!!! SORRY!!!

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