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    Smile Introduction to the AO people

    Hello everyone, I am new to AO in some respect. I have been reading the AO forum for quite some time now and just recently decided to register. I am hoping to extend my knowledge to other people. I may not have a degree yet being I dropped out after three years in a IST program at 2 different colleges, but eventually I hope to go to school for Network Security. Everything I have learned about security was learned by tinkering and experimenting; as well as research and examination. By exposing myself to many different technologies I started to develop a legit aptitude and nack for discovering problems in peoples security.

    Yes, I consider myself a neophyte hacker in some respects but not in the bad connotations. I take hacking by the literal definition it was always meant to be. In no way do I consider my knowledge to be used illegally it is something that just happens after such a long time of delving into the inner workings of computer technology. In my mind I consider all people with great knowledge of computers hackers. Just look at linux some of the best hackers of computer technology made it possible.

    Currently I am a avid user of Ubuntu. Many people have called me a linux newb to use Ubuntu, however, I don't see it that way. Ubuntu is currently a great linux distro and everything just works on my systems with it, and at the same time I can go all hardcore in the terminal to make the system do what I want it to for a given task. Until I see Ubuntu go in a direction I do not like I will switch to a different distro or maybe I will make a derivation of the distro.

    One final note that maybe many of you who read this will be interested in. At the moment I am working diligently to starting my own podcast based around computer/internet security. Maybe once I get it up and running I can invite a few of you AO/security vets to do a interview with me on my show. The domain will be registered very soon and I will get a web host and site up soon as well. Once I get my 2 systems set up in full to do the cast. If you have any ideas feel free to e-mail me at

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    Welcome to AO!

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    I hope I did not say anything to scare people away from welcoming me. Thanks for the welcome JP. By the way that email is suppose to have a @ sign where the first . is, however, I don't like spam bots hitting my e-mail accounts.
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    Welcome to AO. No you didn't scare us............ actually you proved that you were real, rather than one of these pesky spambots

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    Welcome in blewisjr.

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