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    Backup Nokia 6600 contact list to hardrive

    Hi all ^^, how ya all doing?

    I don't know if this is the right section but, i don't think it fits anywhere else on the forums so, here goes:

    A friend asked for my help to organize a contact list for a Nokia 6600 that a friend of his father made as a backup, the list is quite long and when he or i try to open the file with office (the file extention is name_of_the_file.bmp.ooo) so, i renamed it to .txt and tried to open, when it does it appears to be a big mess..

    like, there i can see the contacts and all but with allot of garbage like strange symbols and all, so organizing it seams like impossible (at least to my ignorant eyes) so, i ask for help

    Does anyone knows how i can organize it? or tell my friend how to create a clean backup without the problem i mentioned?

    Any help is very much apreciated, thank you!


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    There are secure websites around that will store your contacts online for backups.
    You can add your list and then get anyone to download the list themselves.

    if you trust them?

    Cant remember the sites as a friend sent me a link recently and i had no use for it.
    Try googling it.

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