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    Question Oinkmaster

    I just started a project to download the latest snort rules, then modify them for our different systems with the custom variables, etc. To do all the stuff I take care of manually, which takes awhile, with a nice script.

    But then I found there is already something out there called oinkmaster. I haven't installed it yet, but I was wondering if anybody here uses it or has used it in the past.

    Is it worth trying or should I just write my own app?

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    erm...the internet?
    link us ffs! lol

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    Yep, oinkmaster is well worth it. I've been using it since I've been using snort... which is only a couple of years. But, I've been using oinkmaster on at least 5 sensors. I use it to update three different rule sets... official snort, community and bleeding snort.
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