Ok, heres my problem now, that I cannot figure out.

I have a Win2k3 AD domain with a GP applied that redirects the users my documents folder to their home folder on the server.

This works nicely on all computers but 1.

This was just changed a while ago..we moved buildings and I took the opportunity to switch all users to the the 2k3 server...everyone use to run off of the 2000 server we had, but that is now demoted.

My documents use to re-direct to \\fs01\users\%user%

Now they re-direct to \\uam-dc\users\%user%

As I stated before the redirect worked on all PC's but one after the change to the new server. The users PC who is not re-directing still tries to re-direct to the old server.

Permissions are correct, I ran a Resultant Set of "logging" on the AD server, and it came back with an error about RPC server unavailble. I turned off her firewall, and made sure the WMI and RPC services were started, and that got rid of that error, but after the wizard is done running, it still shows that her my documents will be re-directed to the old location.

When I run Resultant Set of "planning", it shows that her PC should re-direct to the new location, but it doesn't...

I've been working on this freaking thing for the past 2 days, but no luck.

So if that isn't confusing enough, gonna say this one more time here to make sure I explain it clearly.

PC should redirect my documents to location A
Instead it redirects to location B which is the old location and doesn't have the home directories anymore.

This works on everyone elses computer, and when I log into this users PC as myself it re-directs my "My Documents" folder to the proper server.

Things I've done thus far:

1. Logged into this PC to verify that it will re-direct other users.
2. Removed PC from the Domain, then re-added.
3. gpupdate and gpupdate /force
4. gpresult

I logged in locally to the PC as a administrator to delete her account on the PC, but I didn't see her account on this PC.

Any ideas? I'm lost.

lol thanks