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    Exclamation Game installation!


    I m running win xp sp2.

    I had this game Call of Duty installed on my machine quite some time ago. And, when I tried to uninstall it...it gave some error.

    So, I went on to delete the complete Call of Duty folder from the Program Files.

    Later, when I tried to re-install it, the autorun menu of the CD shows that the game is already installed on the machine.

    So, I ran the registry mechanic to scan through but even after that the autorun menu shows the same thing!

    The game is not listed in the add/remove section, and I m not getting any ideas how to re-install the game again on my pc!


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    Make sure that your machine is set to display hidden files and folders. Search for COD.ini and delete it. It should be in C\windows\ I think.

    I am guessing that you missed this when you did your manual uninstall?

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    try running ccleaner too.

    Last resort is to delete the install shield folder in program files and registry keys.
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    Call Of Duty.........good game. its been some time since i played it.

    you should try "brothers in arms" its something similar.

    as for your problem-

    the game installation file in the cd is also the un-installation exe. if i remember correctly i had to insert the cd when i was un-installing it.

    a friend of mine had a similar problem. he went into "search" and clicked "all files and folders" searched for the game and deleted everything.
    the game not only installs files into c/windows folder and My documents, but also shared folders and temp folder. then he ran the registry cleaner to remove any loose ends.

    but let me point out, he was running the "pirated" version of the game, downloaded as a torrent with a "no cd patch"
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    Nihil things worked out! Thanks Sir!!!

    @bagggi: Yes, indeed uninstallation required the CD itself!! Bro in arms, will give it a look!!

    Thanks Aardpsymon too!!

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