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    dvd drive not recognized

    Hi All,
    and thanks for your quick response as usual.
    I am at friend place and she has combo sony cdrw crx 300 e .Cd part works brning part works just her dvd is nowhere to be seen.In hardware manager pc recognizes just cd.
    c:\windows\ system32\driver\cdrom.sys
    This is installed driver.As i am here just for 2 days and she thinks there are better things to do then fixing her old pc i hdidnt hae much tiime to look into into deeply.
    I unistalled and installed the device and drivers but with no luck.Pc is old and is xp with 385ram and intle 3 9.33mz.i look quickly and is qompac processor motherboard.
    thanks for help.

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    Does she have dvd software installed?

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    she use to have but had some problems withit so she uninstalled it as dvd was not recognized anyway

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    1) unplug dvd drive
    2) switch on computer
    3) once all up and running, shut it off
    4) plug dvd drive back and restart.

    windows should pick new hardware and begin installing the drive.

    after that every thing is hunky doorie
    you are entering the vicinity of an area adjecent to the location.

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    I believe that I have encountered this before, I sounds as if your DVD drivers have been deleted or corrupted. Roxio seems to do that sometimes.

    You need DVD software and the latest drivers. Check the Compaq support site (it is now a part of HP) and get the drivers from there. Only if you have no luck there should you try the Sony site.

    Windows would normally have drivers so you might need to do a repair install.

    I would expect to see two .sys files and a .dll

    EDIT: OK, You say it is a Compaq with an Intel PIII 933Mhz processor? That is old, and almost certainly predates Windows XP (my P4 1.7Ghz shipped with Windows ME). I suspect that the other possibility (if not probability) is that the drive is just not supported by XP.

    This may help:


    It is dated 2005/6 and may well get round that problem.

    Your BIOS will only see one device because it is only taking up one IDE slot. XP probably only recognises it as a generic CD device.
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    Maybe the CDRW drive does not have DVD capabilities?

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    Hi Wolfe,

    I checked it out, it is a combo drive, and is supposed to support reading DVDs at up to 16x.

    If it is a Compaq, as stated, it will have worked when supplied. I am intrigued by the rest of the spec. We have a Pentium III @ 933Mhz and 384Mb of RAM? That is a later PIII probably around 2000/1

    I am not aware of ANY brand name supplier that offered that combo. It was 128, 256 or 512Mb. Also, 384Mb is a bit on the "light" side for XP.

    Sounds like an office "flat top" that someone stuck an extra memory stick into, and updated the OS to Win XP?

    The device should work with Win XP but I would suspect only if you have a suitable driver. Combo drives can be a bit "funny" because you have one physical device fulfilling two functions (or not, as in unvi$ible's friend's case)

    This is one I built myself just after that era............. P4 2.26Ghz/1Gb PC 2700. It has a CDRW and a separate DVDR. The driver files are:


    Those are all under Windows 2000pro and are the same for the CD and DVD devices that are recognised by both the BIOS and Windows.

    A Dell P4 1.7Ghz that is closer to the time has exactly the same for twin NEC drives.

    I will check an XP box later.

    As i am here just for 2 days and she thinks there are better things to do then fixing her old pc
    Whaaat!................"heresy" I hear you all muttering?

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    Try removing the upper and lowerfilters for that drive. There are some instructions on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060/EN-US/

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    If you don't already have it installed, you could try doing SP2. That'll redo most if not all of the system files and update the device drivers.
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