reinstall knoppix on partition
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Thread: reinstall knoppix on partition

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    reinstall knoppix on partition

    i have a duel booting pc windoz and knoppix
    on the same partiontion

    i would like to update the knoppix side of things with a complete upgrade

    what is the safest way to do this with out loosing the potential to mbr / fry the windows os

    of course i will backup anything important first!!!!


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    I haven't used knoppix outside of a liveCD, but if you want to do a "complete upgrade" be a pal and put linux on it's own partition. But here's some links that could help, I haven't tested them out/read them, but i think in a nutshell you just use qparted and don't click buttons when you don't know what they do...or edit the partition table while its mounted...not pretty.,00.asp
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    strangely enough in this months linux format there is an article on how to re install linux
    but it does assume you have linux on its own partition!!

    i will see if i can do this!!
    like life, this is a test

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    lucky lucky hah

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