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Thread: 21st Bday Ideas

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    Red face 21st Bday Ideas

    Hey all,

    I have an upcoming 21st Birthday in October (Yes, my own lol) and have absolutely NO idea what to do! I am hoping for some ideas from some experience people in this matter.

    I know in some placed 21st is coming of age and "legal" status however Australia is 18+ only so the whole "use your new power" scenario cant be played out...

    Im sure there are some great stories to be told, perhaps now is a good time to share.

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    Well, in your case... turning 21 doesn't mean that much. Here in the US, it is a big deal just because you can legally drink in a bar. If you've already been able to drink (legally)... then it really has no other special value other than it's your birthday.

    The big B-Days here are 18 (officially responsible for all actions), 21 (legal to drink), 25 (insurance goes down a bit for guys). Other than that... I don't think that there are any other birthdays that I would look forward to.

    Lately, I've just been getting family together for a nice dinner out. Then I'll hit the bar with some friends because everyone has to buy you shots for your birthday.

    However, I've had some pretty nice birthdays just doing things that I love to do... like a weekend camping or buying myself a new toy. I just turned 27 this past July 12th. I've been wanting a new pair of light hiking boots... so I got myself these. I've been breaking them in slowly with a couple of short 2-3 mile hikes. But, I have a 15 mile hike all lined up for Saturday.
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    Get smashed and get laid. Not necessarily in that order
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirDice
    Get smashed and get laid. Not necessarily in that order
    lol, good response sir.

    Since the obvious have already been answered, I would suggest doing something extreme like sky diving or the like. Or come to America and legally drink...
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    Female escorts ftw

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    Well, it used to be traditional (in the UK at least) to be given a key on your 21st birthday. (to the house) although that has died somewhat, again because people do it before 21.

    drunk and laid is good. add stoned to that too
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    You could go to a club and be like hugh jackman is Swordfish, **shrug Happy 21st
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    get some mates
    book a weekend away
    treat it like a 'Stag Do'
    just get some quality 'Guy Time' in
    cos once the femme fatale's move in, there's NO going back / out
    at least this way you get some good times memories until the Alzheimer's kick in
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    Yeah, good idea Foxy~, but go down your ironmongers (hardware store for our American friends) and get a 4lb lump hammer............

    NO mobile phones and NO digital cameras!............. you know that makes sense

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    Yeah, I'd go with the idea of getting smashed (don't know about laid, you might not be capable!), and having a great night out taking in a few clubs with some friends, finally staggering home around 5 am

    When you get to my age, you really can't behave like that, so make the most of it!

    Oh, and take some photos so we can all see how the night went!
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