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    Is there any way i can trace a forwarding email?


    A couple of weeks ago, I got an email. That email made us (our People) unhappy. It can cause religious war in our country. So, is there any way we can trace the original email sender? People keep forwarding this letter so it would be very hard to trace the primary sender. I have a link the letter translated in English. Please read this http://www.chro.org/index.php/religi...ion_reports/96 and help us our people. Thanks a million.



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    In answer to your question:

    No, it is highly unlikely. Particularly if the sender took simple precautions. The thing with these "chain letters" is that you normally strip out the headers/path because they would just keep growing. That breaks the address chain.

    "Religious War" .................... absolute nonsense! neither the Bhuddists nor The Baptists are "violent religions" That article was written in 1998 ........... it is now 2007 nothing has happened. You may have a civil war in the offing, but it will be based on ethnic/cultural differences NOT religion.

    You may want to look at these sites, be sure to use an anonymous proxy! if you are in Burma ................ your ISP does appear to be in the USA?



    I can give you the addresses of the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Central Intelligence Agency

    The current Burmese military dictatorship is using religion as one excuse for oppressing minorities.

    The junta only have one "friend": China, and the Chinese oppress Bhuddists in Tibet. That makes them very strange partners in crime, and clearly demonstrates that religion has got nothing to do with the real issues.
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    It depends how the email was forwarded. If if was forwarded "in full" as an .eml you may be able to look at the headers inside that eml. If it was forwarded as text, bad luck. But even if it was forwarded as .eml the original sender might have used a proxy or something spammers would use.
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    SirDice has made an interesting point, and I am glad to "have him on my six" (military expression for covering someone's back)

    might have used a proxy or something spammers would use.
    There are e-mail forwarding agents............. you send them the e-mail and target, and they send it on with one of their addresses attached.

    4warding.com is one example............... if you get anything from:


    It is one of theirs, and I would advise you to delete it

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    That email made us (our People) unhappy
    If there's anything I can do to make you more unhappy, please
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