webmin allows you to log in remotely and do loads of fantastic stuff

ok the instructions they give you are ok but these are some of the finer points i had to overcome to ensure all was fine and dandy. this is my first how to so any feed back would be welcome

assumptions are that you have active state perl installed and sc.exe is part of your system. both are easy to install(!)

firstly download from here

make a file on your c drive called webmin and extract the zip contentes into there. your path should end up like this
and should be full of loads of files and folders
them make a file
c:\temp and c:\etc

now you have to get your hands on win32::daemon
this took some thinking as the instructions tell you to type
perl ppm.pl install http://www.roth.net/perl/packages/win32-daemon.ppd

however on windows all you have is ppm (no .pl extension)

so open up a command promt, cd to c:\perl\bin and type in
perl ppm install http://www.roth.net/perl/packages/win32-daemon.ppd

and that should get the daemon installed.

now cd back to c:\webmin and type

perl setup.pl

answer yes to all and this should install webmin fine
the only thing i found was i left the default port as 10000, now i know work has blocked this port so typically i used 443. when i logged into webmin to try and change this there were problems, ie failed to change port. so i went to c:\etc\webmin and edit miniserv.conf (use notepad of better still notepad++) and change the two instances of 10000 to 443 (or any port of your choice)

AND do not forget to change your firewall settings from 10000 to 443, like i did and wondered why i could no longer connect!!