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    Help XP serious error message followed by blue screen

    A friend of mine asked me to fix her computer (Dell Desktop running WinXP). A minute or so after you turn on the computer error messages start poping up saying that the system has recovered from a "serious error". As soon as you close it another one pops up a second later. And to add to the problem seconds after you plug it into the internet the whole screen turns blue with the xp error message saying that the os has stopped to keep from damaging itself.

    Help im not really even sure if this belongs here but im lost...

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    Does it still boot in safe mode (without errors)? If it does, first see if the HD doesn't have any bad sectors. Check for memory errors too. If all that checks out test for malware.
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    I would run the mfgs hard drive diagnostics and chkdsk and if they botch come up clean just do an inplace upgrade.

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    my first impression is that he got a virus or overloaded with malware. Mainly because your bluescreen comes when you hook up to the internet.

    Did the bluescreen tell you anything pertinent to the situation?

    Have you tried getting into safe mode(without networking) and running virus/malware scanners? Even if you can get into regular windows I would still suggest safe mode.

    If you have already checked for those, my next suspicion would be maybe the network card went bad causing problems and making the OS stop. So maybe swap the NIC for a known good one and see if that works.

    If thats not it, i would then go for the driver for the NIC. Maybe it got corrupted so installing a new/updated driver.

    Try those and see if they work.

    Good luck
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    Please use the "Event Viewer" to examine the logs and see if you get any messages regarding this.

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    Ok in safe mode nothing seems to be wrong. I ran the malware programs while in safe mode found nothing but a lot of adware and cleaned them out. The error messages themselves and the blue screen give no information besides the fact that somethings wrong.
    Im running the check disk right now on the mechine...

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    The check disk came up with nothing but the error log told me this

    error signature BCCode: 10000050 BCP1: E2DE8000 BCP2: 0000000 BCP3: 804E46BA BCP4: 00000001 OSVER: 5_1_2600 SP:1_0 Product: 768_1

    Files included


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    Please don't forget to look in the logs

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    Yep event viewer says i am getting warnings and errors from something called MsiInstaller....

    The blue screen gives me these error codes
    Technical information:
    ** STOP: 0x0000008E (0xc0000005, 0x804FA006, 0xF07B9C9C, 0x00000000

    Beginning Dump of Physical memory
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    Hi swizeguy,

    Profuse apologies, I didn't mention that I would need the exact message. I am guessing something like Event ID 1004 and possibly 1001?

    Can you cut and paste a set of the messages into Notepad/Wordpad and attach a text file so that we can look at them a bit more closely?


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