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    UK Hacker granted right to appeal extradition to US

    Gary McKinnon, the British hacker accused of hacking into various US military and government sites, has been granted the right to appeal to the House of Lords (our highest national court) against his extradition.


    This should be fun now that the grinning poodle has gone. There has just been an EU precedent where one of the former communist block states refused to extradite a national to the US.................and that was for computer fraud (he is on remand in prison).

    EDIT: and the US authorities really can't make up their minds. This German guy was refused entry to give a lecture at the Black Hat Conference

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    Personally I think the country where the crime was committed should have the right to prosecute. What he did might be a crime in the USA, but he's not a citizen of the USA, therefore our laws are not binding on him.

    I said the same thing when the US caught and tried (and convicted) Noriega.

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