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    Question laptop wireless issues

    Hello again,
    The laptop that i am on right now (Toshiba Qosmio) is having some issues with the wireless internet. If i bring up the windows wireless network chooser it will randomly show a wireless network that was avalible when i was at college but not my home network. When i refresh it sometimes it will show the correct one sometimes it wont. And when i go to connect to my home network it will randomly drop me off the internet while saying that i am still connected even though nothing will work. Ill have to disconnect and reconnect and that doesnt even work sometimes....

    Sound like anything anyone knows how to fix? Ive tried different drivers but im not really sure what to do.

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    when i go to connect to my home network it will randomly drop me off the internet while saying that i am still connected even though nothing will work
    What else is going on? Is wep enabled on your router? Sometimes you can get this effect of being "connected" (but not really) if you haven't entered the wep encryption key.

    As for your network not showing up...sounds like it could be a problem with your network card, or perhaps the router isn't broadcasting the SSID (or anything at all). Or perhaps it is a driver issue, as you mentioned.

    Have you played with any of the router settings? Can you pick up the signal from another device?

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    well i know its not the router because the first one that i was using had other computers using it and none of them had the problem so i brought it over to where i am now and ive been using it and having the same problem so i am pretty sure its something to do with the laptop its self.

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    try removing the network from your advanced wireless settings, and then as keezel stated, making sure that your router is broadcasting the SSID. I've had issues with my wireless card halfway connecting to a network, where it'd pull an IP but not be connected to anything (in this case the wireless icon blinks-only the computer, but the waves don't blink at all--weird) that was only solved with a reboot. You might want to try resetting your router to its defaults to see if its not a problem with the router, just to rule the router out completely since you could have set up your computers differently than how you set up your laptop.
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