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    Question Web Sites

    I'll be opening a website that offer's house,apartment,and moble homes for rent in my area.... do I need a business lic. or anything like that to have a webbased business?

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    Hey, omnipotent my friend, all I want is that you give me 6 numbers between 1 and 49 ? Then I might win our lottery.

    C'mon pal what States are we talking here?........... hell, I am a bloody Limey, and know that local regs are different with you?.... and State to State?

    I would suggest that you need a "business plan" and a bank loan.......... make it small, but they will still get the lawyers in at their cost...... talk a small startup with a rapid growth .... "future financing based on results and potential." The last bit is important, as banking types love it....... you are talkin business continuity there son The idea is that they will fund some of the hidden startup costs like legal advice?..... hey, it works over here?

    My personal advice is to make sure that you have a limited liability operation.........like a company? It just might stop your wife blowing your head clean offn' your shoulders............. and I mean with a gauge
    not what you were thinking, you smutty minded little boy"

    Good luck, and you owe me six numbers between 1 and 49 (inclusive)

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    Do you have any revenue? If you do, then the answer is "yes".

    If I'm correct, you're in the US - if so, get a business license in either case (it depends on what state/county you're in, but it'll probably cost you less than $100 for a sole proprietor-ship). Next time when it's time to file your taxes, pay the extra couple of bucks it costs to get a CPA, let him know you have a home-based business, and let him do his magic (home-based businesses are excellent for tax deductions) - the $100 you paid for your business license will be earned back quickly.

    One final note: if the web-based business gets serious (to put a number on it: more than $5,000 revenue per year (REVENUE - NOT net income!)), get a lawyer.

    So, to summarize: get the business license, and try talking to an accountant before you do anything. Get a half-hour consultation or something with the CPA (and pay the man...), and let him tell you all about how a home-based business gets you in tax heaven if done propertly ("if he suggests "manipulating" the system, though, walk out and refuse to pay him - there are more than enough legal tax benefits for work-at-home people). If it gets serious, get a lawyer.

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    Depending on your state, you may even have be certified as realtor or realty management. If you are taking a payment or a percentage of a rent then you are a broker. A lot of lawyers will give a free consult, even if they charge, it will be cheaper then court.

    I see lots of lists on line, Craigslist for one. However those listings are posted by the property owner

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