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    hard disk not detected

    hello everyone.
    am trying to install my co worker's hard drive to my computer since it has a virus (well, am suspecting it was infected) and trying to recover her files. as i connected it (its' in slave drive FYI), everything goes well and it even detected and says it was installed and ready to use. but when i go to "My Computer" only my local drives was displayed. nothing of the one that i just recently installed.
    I am using windows XP professional and have an administrator rights. anyone had the same problem with hard disk? please share. thanks. oh, my master hard disk is of Seagate ST3400015A and my co-workers's is Samsung SP0802N.
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    Try doing this, and let us know if it works

    Original Source = http://blog.kevindonahue.com/archive...d_drives_in_xp

    How to install additional hard drives in XP

    Installing a second hard drive in Windows XP is not as easy as it should be. If you're accustomed to plug-n-play devices, it just seems logical that XP would detect the drive and take the steps to install it. But it doesn't. You have to manually install the hard drive in XP.

    How to install a hard drive in Windows XP
    1. Follow the manufacturers instructions and install the physical disk in your computer.
    2. Boot your computer into Windows XP.
    3. Windows XP should recognize that you have added additional hardware and display a new hardware ballon near your system clock.
    4. Open Disk Management in Windows XP.
      From the Desktop or Start Menu, right click on My Computer and select Manage. This will open the Computer Management window. Click on Storage and select Disk Management. (image)
    5. Initialize the new drive.
      Windows XP may launch the Partition Wizard to initialize the new drive. If so, skip ahead to the Partition Wizard step below. If not, right click on the new drive (it will be detailed as 'Not Initialized' and show a black bar to the right of it's properties) and select Initialize. This will prepare the new drive to be used by Windows. A simple wizard will be displayed to confirm your selection.
    6. Right click on the drive's listing and select Partition. Follow the Partition wizard to finish the install process.
      The wizard will prompt you for several responses (image 1, image 2)prior to creating the partition.
    7. Finished! Once the drive has been initialized, partitioned, and formatted it will display as a healthy drive with the size and type of partition below the volume name and drive letter (image).
    The trickiest part of the whole process is finding the Disk Management area. Once you get there, it's a piece of cake. Why is it hidden in XP? I have no idea. Hopefully the Service Release 2 will contain an update that will make installing a new hard drive easy in Windows XP.


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    Once you get there, it's a piece of cake. Why is it hidden in XP? I have no idea.
    I wonder why whoever wrote that said it is hidden? It's no more hidden than the control panel or networking connections....you just need to know how to navigate there is all........strange.
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    Won't initializing the drive, partitioning and formatting pretty much wipe it, kind of defeating the purpose of recovering data in the first place? Is it displayed in the BIOS set up screens?


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    Ok. Not knowing your background I'm going to be basic.

    Does the BIOS recognize the drive at bootup? If it doesn't then Windows XP probably won't.

    Cabling. Drives can be "strapped" (those jumper thingies) for MA, SL, CS (master, slave, cable select). The "new" drive needs to be strapped as SL if the primary drive is strapped as MA. If the primary drive is unstrapped, then it needs to strapped. If you choose CS for both drives then the master has to be at the first plug on the chain (closest to the plug on the MoBO), the slave at the end. Some older drives don't have the CS option, then your left with the MA/SL options.

    Setup. In your BIOS do you have the second HDD DISABLED.

    With the hardware properly configured I have never had Windows fail to recognize an add on drive. I had to tell it to ignore my second drive (my Linux drive) so that it wouldn't encourage someone to initialize it.

    Do not format or partition your friends drive, it will make recovery of data harder if not impossible. If their drive was infected, you may want to make sure that your virus profiles are up to date and turn of any preview or thumbnail options you have with Windows Explorer/My Computer.

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    Talking hard drive

    I keep an older win9x computer not networked just for this kind of thing putting a hard drive with a viri on it is putting your network at risk


    not that it is not hidden just hidden compared to the plug & play OS of the past..

    just my 2 cents
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    I agree, crashburn---I do the same thing.


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    c1sc0m4n : They were right until they got to that part. Go to computer management and just assign it a drive letter.

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    Another reason you may not be able to see the harddrive is that your install is FAT32 and the slave is NTFS...FAT cannot read NTFS

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    That's a handy thing to know.

    Can you install XP pro on any file format other than ntfs?

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