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    Post Medium rare laptop.?

    it turns out storing your laptop in the oven isn't such a great idea. What a shocker! I just got home from class have tons of work to do before we leave for the Thanksgiving holiday and I nearly lost my computer. It was cooked. In the oven. At roughly 300 degrees. For about five minutes.

    Sometimes life is like the movies: just when you think the world is going end, a deus ex machina steps in and magically everything is okay.
    Today I come rushing home because it's the end of the semester and I have finals coming up and I need to write two papers tonight so that I can go camping this holiday weekend with peace of mind so I get home and GIL says, hey honey, you're just in time! I'm cooking french fries!
    Oh that's good, I say, because I haven't eaten yet and I have all this work to do. Let me just put my bike away. I walk into the kitchen and notice my computer's not on the kitchen table. Which. Means. It's.... oh, ****!!!!
    I open the over door. No fries. Just one miserable looking laptop. (STOP: EXPLANATION OF WHY I KEEP MY LAPTOP IN THE OVEN: I keep it there because I live in a high crime area in a house with windows that don't even lock. I figure the oven's actually a very safe place. Who would think to look there for valuables? and if the house burns down the computer'd be okay. The system worked just fine when I was living alone.)
    My screams cause GIL to drop his book and come running.
    I accomplish all of the following in under 3.8 minutes:
    • rant
    • rave
    • think of all the data I lost in addition to the machine itself
    • wonder how I'll get my papers done
    • cry
    • hate myself for thinking the oven would be a good storage place
    • hate GIL for not remembering that I keep it in there (I told him TWICE! you'd THINK he'd remember something like that!)
    • fall to the floor beating my fists on my legs
    • pace the room
    • plan how to get a new laptop before the end of the semester even though both of us are so broke we can't even buy enough groceries to get us through the month
    • resolve not to permanently ruin GIL's relationship with my parents by telling them that he cooked the laptop they gave me for Christmas
    • yell at myself
    • yell at GIL
    • cancel our weekend plans
    It's 2:30 in the afternoon. I just got home from class have tons of work to do before we leave for the Thanksgiving holiday and I nearly lost my computer. It was cooked. In the oven. At roughly 300 degrees. For about five minutes.
    Here's what it looks like:
    Check out the pictures and the rest of the story

    anyhow i also tend to leave valuables stashed away in the back of the oven griller etc, but i've always managed to remember to remove said items when i return to cook. although there is the case of the dissapearing Ipod.

    Anyone ever had a similar incident happen to them?

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    Id believe it. Solder wont melt at 300 degrees and thats mostly what you have to worry about.

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    well done!
    ...:::Pure Kn0wledge:::...

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    Not to mention silicon IC's...but what about the LCD???


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    The problem though is that many people think keeping things in the oven is a safe place to keep them. So robbers know to look there...

    If you've ever seen the show "It Takes a Thief," on TLC they find stuff in ovens and refridgerators...

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