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Thread: Hang ups on file server

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    As far as I can tell...your issue had nothing to do with 2003 server or MS software.

    It looks like an unpatched and misconfigured WS...thats why the support fee

    Nothing a simple google search wouldnt have found


    Glad you solved your issue.

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    I searched the exact same way you did. In fact I visited most of those links on that page. Those solutions didn't work on my test station so I had to move onto more drastic measures. By posting on here it usually means I couldn't find the solution on my own or through searching the web.

    If someone has a patch that fixes this issue I am all ears, but so far no one seems to have a end all solution for this and I tried a lot of them. Some said a hotfix worked, some said removing network shortcuts or modifying the registry works. In each instance I saw people who said it worked and others that said it is still slow as molasses.

    My solution was to stop a service which as far as I can tell doesn't really do anything good or bad for the computers. But in my case it was being a bad service and it had to be stopped

    Thanks for everyones advice and support. I really do appreciate it.
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    I may have misunderstood ...

    But I believe the patch is XP SP1....

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    I found it less than believable that a professional organisation is running XP with no patches............... it is the back end of August 2007?

    Some computers never have this problem, but I am not sure what is so different about them as almost all computers in our office have the same configuration with hardware and software and all have Windows XP SP2.
    I also believe that Blunted One is smart enough to determine what OS and SP is being run in his office?

    The "service" explanation seems plausible to me.
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    From the MS article

    One easy test that you can use is to turn off the client computer's WebClient service or the server's service that is listening to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port 80. If either of these workarounds resolves the problem, there are ways that you can re-enable these services and reduce the delay. Update to the latest service pack for Windows XP, bypass the proxy server for local servers, change the order of network providers so WebClient is the last provider, install any updates to the WebClient service, and then make adjustments to your Internet Explorer configuration.

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