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    Question Outlook display issues

    This one caught me off guard recently. I was using outlook and all of the sudden it wouldn't display the content of my email in the reading pane.

    So I clicked on another email and the same thing happened. This was odd so I clicked on the same email again and it popped up in the reading pane. Every email from then on needed me to click on it twice to get it to appear. Strange to say the least.

    So I shut down outlook reopened it and everything seemed to be fine again. But then the next day it started happening again. So I closed outlook and opened it back up and it worked normally.

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Why would clicking on the same email again get it to display in the reading pane, but not the first time, but also work if I just simply close and open outlook again. WTF?
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    Have you checked your settings in the options tab? maybe take a looksie around the different settings and see if anything is changed or is not setup correctly?

    Also i have found once you get a large amount of emails stored away it tends to start doing weird things like the problem that you have mentioned.
    Maybe export all your emails etc, then restart your computer and import the file back into outlook and see if that helps.

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    I think your Outlook issues are directly related to your network connection issues.

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    No real network connection issues except we are using older and not the fastest equipment.

    I do not have the largest inbox by far and even the person with the biggest inbox doesn't have this problem. I am wondering if something is buggy/corrupt. I will take a look at some settings, but I haven't changed anything.

    However, I did add a program recently that integrates with outlook so that could be the cause.

    Strange that after a reboot or restarting outlook it works fine again...very odd.
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    Go into the add-in manager and turn off that third party plug in. Third party apps can cause outlook to do very weird stuff.

    Including profile corruption. Delete all of your old profiles, and then create a new one. I've actually seen the registry hives for outlook profiles get corrupt so if you just creating a new profile sometimes even that will not fix the problem.

    So if just creating a new profile doesn't fix it, delete all profiles, then try creating a new one.

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