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    Need help choosing appropiate wifi card

    Greetings. I am buying a laptop and I want a wifi pcmcia card capable of injecting traffic with connector/s for an antenna and compatible with linux. I have like 2 hours searching I am very confused about what chipsets should I look for, but I think Atheros and Prism works fine under linux. Anyway please if you know what my solution would be please help me. I saw this on ebay taht caught my attention:


    Is a prism 2.5 chipset.

    Thanks in advance.

    This one seems nice too:

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    Don't go for anything USB

    I've got a WPC55AG (Atheros) and it works really well with just about anything. The only drawback is the lack of an external antenna.
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    i would suggest orinoco gold 8084, working fine with most of packet injection application.
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    The Atheros chipset seemed considerably more capable than any other I've tried... its main cool feature is operating in several modes at once (e.g. it can be an accesspoint AND a station).

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    personally i'd go with the Alfa 500mW USB Wireless B/G Adapter. It has a realtek RTL8187L chipset which works fine for injection.
    But you mentioned you wanted a pcmcia card, so i'd suggest you check out the following link:

    or maybe even the following discussion, which will either have you more confused or will help you decide :

    Do tell us what you finally decide on and your feedback on it.
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