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    Site to Site VPN Software


    I'm using windows 2k3 SBS with Service Pack installed. I need software that can be used to make site to site VPN connections between Sites A and B.

    Both sites are using w2k3 SBS and running ISA.

    Any ideas? Should I just use ISA to make the connections?

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    I suppose you could put all your eggs in one basket and do that... It'd be a simple setup. Just firewall off as much as possbile. Only allow VPN connections from those two hosts. (unless you have VPN access for your clients already now.)

    Depending on what data I want to protect... I really like to segment off my devices and I've never gone as far as to trust ISA. Not because I don't think it's cabable... just because I don't want all my eggs in one basket. I'd rather change platforms once or twice.

    How is your current setup?

    sbs2k3+ISA <--> router <--> internet <--> router <--> sbs2k3+isa

    I would prefer to separate my border firewalls from my internal hosts.

    sbs2k3 <--> vpn/firewall <--> router <--> internet <--> router <--> vpn/firewall <--> sbs2k3

    Yes, you add more points of failure and more devices to patch, but I feel more confident with a setup like this. It's not very often that you see multiplatform vulnerabilities. However, a vulnerability for one platform often affects most of their products. I'm parinoid.

    That said, there are a lot of ways you can do a site to site VPN. What kind of routers are you using? Most business grade routers have site to site VPN capabilities. Or, are you using the win2k3sbs as your router too?

    sbs2k3+isa <--> internet <--> sbs2k3+isa

    What kind of company? I take it since you're using small business... nothing large? How important/secret is your data? What kind of budget do you have?
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