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Thread: VMWare Question

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    VMWare Question

    Hey all...

    I am not sure if this is possible or not but I am hoping someone might be able to help me. I am running the most current version of VMWare Server on one of my spare PC's at work and have a V2I image of another PC that we installed Vista on. I want to mount the v2i image in VMWare and start testing. I wanted to use an image because I know I am going to break this OS and wanted to be able to reload it at will.

    Does anyone know how I import this image (created with PowerQuest) into VMWare Server?

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    Take a gander at Converter. Best way to do this would be to boot this system, install converter, create the VM using Converter and then import it into Server.

    And Converter is free (if you are importing a Windows system).
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    Try the vmware importer/converter.
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    Thank you for the info... After trying to get the application to run on Vista and image the PC it appears that it won't work. When I dug around on the forums on VMWare's webpage it appears as if Vista is not yet supported.

    I kept getting a Unable to determine Guest Operating System error. Looks like I might ahve to install the OS on the VMWare partition then try to image it or something.

    Thanks again
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    I've got a vista guest OS running on an XP host.
    You can choose it in the new virtual machine wizard. Give it some memory, mine's only 512MB but it installed fine. Runs good enough for some tests. If you have enough internal memory you could give it some more. It'll probably run better. My machine only has 1GB.

    After I installed Vista in the VM I made a snapshot for a quick 'undo'. You can also shutdown the VM and make a copy of the disk image VMWare creates. You can easily create new VMs using copies of that image.
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