I have a newer tower (p4) and it was running slow as a dog, i mean like 10 mins to boot up. I did my usual scanning and whatnot, found nothing, so I just decided to throw a different HD in there and a fresh copy of XP (I took the old HD out compleatly). Same problem happened, it was slow as crap. Even during the bootup and install, it was extreamly slow, took me a few hours to do an xp install. Once into windows, if I open task manager, only thing that shows cpu usage is Taskmgr, and it spikes between 50-100% cpu usage when i just move the mouse, stays around 25% usage when I dont do anything. There is nothing installed other then the OS.

Is it possible that the cpu is fried but still functioning at some very slow rate?
I've never seen anything like this. No errors in the event log, and it did this on a fresh install, and with my bootable linux cd, its just SLOW.

Any advice or has anyone encountered anything like this before?!?