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    Quote Originally Posted by vanman
    One more thing i would add is to check for adaware and malware because they are quite destructive these days..Would slow your pc down considerably..Like nihil says give us some more info and we will be able to help you i,m sure..

    I have found that microworlds antivirus and spyware removal kit downloaded here http://www.mwti.net/products/mwav/mwav.asp takes care of most of todays rubbish..
    And they would effect a Linux CD?
    Only trust Pipe-smoking Penguins.

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    And they would effect a Linux CD?
    Technically, "yes"............... realistically, "no"

    Your malware could be in the "boot sector" ?

    Just theoretically, of course?

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    Cpu Fried

    After reading through what he's posted im gonna go out on a limb here and suggest a Check of the cpuid limit option in his bios, I had a maddening problem out of a dell 8400 once where no matter what i did it took Ages to do anything.
    (mouse cursor would redline the taskmanager)

    Biostars its called CpuidMaxval Enable/Disable
    Dells its cpu compatiblity mode enable/disable
    Asus its Cpuid limit or 03h enable/disable

    Look for anything called cpuid limit or 03h enable/disable and make sure it is OFF
    or you will be waiting.

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