I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, but my problem is that I can't get the game World of Warcraft working at my new college. I assumed only that there might be a firewall of some sort coming with the connection. Everytime I log in or my friend logs in, the game will run normally for about 1 minute.. then all hell breaks loose and my character dies from the latency being changed from the normal 200 ms or so to the 25000 ms I'm seeing today. Any action at all takes about a minute to respond. I really don't think it's anything on my end since my laptop works fine with the internet cord I plug into it at home. They have this wierd log in to their wireless connection thing, where you have to start up your explorer and log in. Sometimes it takes a few start ups for the link to if go to the log in.

The wierd thing is, I was playing just fine on the first day I moved in. The game worked perfectly. Could they have perhaps found I was playing it and somehow messed with my computer so it wouldn't work? I should say surfing the web, internet explorer and everything, still works just fine. I'm just wondering, is there anyway to bypass this firewall or whatever it is? Or am I never to see my orc rogue pwn a gnome again? Just ask if you need more info.

P.S. My friends told me that some students from the college in my hometown had to install Linux in order to be able to play WoW. Perhaps that?