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    HACKED: email inboxes of Indian misssions in US and China

    I just read this on yahoo top stories, is this for real ?
    Taking a dig at cyber security preparedness levels, a hacker, who claims to be based in Sweden, posted online this evening the passwords of 100 email accounts of embassies and government offices across the world, including 13 Indian accounts, containing classified information and correspondence.

    Top on the list of passwords that have been posted on http://derangedsecurity.com give access to email accounts of Indian Ambassadors to China, US, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Oman, Finland besides officials of the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

    Other accounts include those of the embassies of Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Japan, China, UK and Russia.
    This is the link http://in.news.yahoo.com/070830/48/6k50t.html

    And from that website http://derangedsecurity.com

    Indian Embassy in Sweden u81004859 Brdv8H5j
    Russian Embassy in Sweden u86119749 y9z8ApZp
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Russia akmaral@kazembassy.ru 86rb43
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Russia alla@kazembassy.ru vhs35
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Russia askarest@kazembassy.ru dol57
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Russia b.kuatbekova@kazembassy.ru bk145
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Russia baimenche@kazembassy.ru 1956
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Russia den@kazembassy.ru bek70
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Russia emo@kazembassy.ru art35
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Russia galikhin@kazembassy.ru aGC4jyf
    The Office of Dalai Lama tlc@dalailama.com tsephell
    The Office of Dalai Lama tntaklha@dalailama.com dudul5425
    The Office of Dalai Lama chhimerigzing@dalailama.com ylypp610
    Indian Embassy in Oman da da01877y
    Uzbekistan Consulate in France Parij_C p2a2r0i9j
    Uzbekistan Consulate in Germany Berlin_C b5a6h7o8r9
    Uzbekistan Consulate in India Dehli_C i1n9d5u6
    Uzbekistan Consulate in New York Nyu_York_UN t2r7d31ln8
    Uzbekistan Consulate in South Korea Seul_C s1e7u0l7c
    Uzbekistan Consulate in USA Vashington_c s7a9s5h3a1
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Afghanistan AfghanQ a1f2g3h4a5n6q
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Afghanistan afghanm a1f1g0h1a0n2m
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Belgium Bryussel b1r3y0u2s1
    Uzbekistan Embassy in China Pekin e1q8b3n7a2
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Dubai dubay b2r7s1d3y4
    Uzbekistan Embassy in France Parij u3t1k9i6r2
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Germany Frankfurt a8h7f6y5r4
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Indonesia jakarta t2d7j3a4m9
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel Tel_Aviv m1u9z5r6ob
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Japan Tokio h5o6n7d8a9
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Kuwait kuwait k3u0w0a1i0t6
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Kyrgyzstan bishkek a1h4e0y2p1
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Latvia Riga z8e2t7w1×5
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Malaysia Malayziya g6h8w0e2d3
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Pakistan Islomobod y7j2l3b8h1
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Poland varshava p0o4l1s1h0a3
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Russia Moskva z1a8f0a2r1
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia Jidda j3i1d7d9a5
    Uzbekistan Embassy in South Korea seul z1y9×2e0le
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Thailand Bangkok n7o8d2i0r5
    Uzbekistan Embassy in The Netherlands Amsterdam h1o5l0a2n1
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Turkey Anqara g5s2b7×1o4
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Turkey Istanbul b5c2n3f4v1
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Turkmenistan Ashxobod d7o1m5l6a2
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Ukraine Kiev s5c4h3u2h1
    Uzbekistan Embassy in United Kingdom London w9r3y7g4d1
    Uzbekistan Embassy in United Kingdom London_Elchi l9o8n7d6n5
    Uzbekistan Embassy in USA vashington_m e1r2k3i4n5
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Uzbekistan toshkent epyan2006
    Uzbekistan Embassy in Uzbekistan Toshkent_M 3456789
    Uzbekistan Foreign Affairs Qohira 5gx7n1e4w9
    Iran Embassy in Ghana iranemb_accra@mfa.gov.ir accra
    Iran Embassy in Kenya iranemb_kenya@mfa.gov.ir kenya
    Iran Embassy in Oman iranemb_muscat@mfa.gov.ir muscat
    Iran Embassy in Tunisia iranemb_tunisia@mfa.gov.ir tunisia
    Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs bagheripour@mfa.gov.ir amir1368
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Italy kazakstan.emb@agora.it rfywkth
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Egypt kazaemb piramid
    Kyrgyztan Embassy in Iran embiran asdfgh
    Kyrgyztan Embassy in kazakhstan kaz_emb W34#eEDd
    Indian Embassy in Italy m0006614 srpq86m
    Indian Embassy in Belgium commercial@indembassy.be india01
    Mongolian Embassy in USA esyam@mongolianembassy.us temp
    Mongolian Embassy in USA j.mendee@mongolianembassy.us temp
    Mongolian Embassy in USA n.tumenbayar@mongolianembassy.us temp
    UK Visa Application Centre in Nepal vfsuknepal@vfs-uk-np.com Password
    Kazakhstan Embassy in Japan embkazjp nf5!3LeG
    India National Defence Academy mis misadmin
    Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor po@hkhrm.org.hk T5a*4V#K
    Hong Kong Legislative Council member billywong@mandytam.com 232880
    Hong Kong Legislative Council member tim@mandytam.com 220866
    Hong Kong Legislative Council member poppy@ronnytong.org rtppy346
    One Country Two Systems Research Institute of China kenchan@octs.org.hk 153kenchan
    Liaison Office of the Dalai Lama for Japan & East-Asia tibet02 TIBET310
    Hong Kong Legislative Council member margaret@margaretng.com sarah#
    Hong Kong Legislative Council member hazelpun@sinchungkai.org.hk 9cxh6gpy
    Hong Kong Legislative Council member chungkai@sinchungkai.org.hk Yvonne0328
    Hong Kong Democratic Party twk@dphk.org password
    Hong Kong Liberal Party miriamlau 123456
    Hong Kong Liberal Party tinyan 12345678
    Hong Kong Liberal Party pauline 25334264
    Hong Kong Liberal Party wilkin x105×10a
    Hong Kong Liberal Party joy 26606624
    Hong Kong Association for Democracy & People’s Livelihood Party hmt@adpl.org.hk hmt27622676
    Hong Kong Association for Democracy & People’s Livelihood Party info@adpl.org.hk info27823137
    Hong Kong Association for Democracy & People’s Livelihood Party iggyng@adpl.org.hk igg27823137
    Hong Kong Association for Democracy & People’s Livelihood Party fcc@adpl.org.hk fcc22674595
    Indian Embassy in China amb@indianembassy.org.cn 1234
    Indian Embassy in China amboff@indianembassy.org.cn 1234
    Tajikistan Embassy in China tjkemb w4u7e3a2
    Indian Embassy in Germany rb1002p1 consind1
    Indian Embassy in Germany rb1002p15 com15ind
    Kazakhstan Consulate General in China kzconsulshanghai 987654
    Japan Embassy in ? emb_japan_ast4 123456
    Indian Embassy in Finland kv7198 npyrhdjj
    Hong Kong Goverment Information Service Department Goverment erika.chau 60777699
    China Civil Human Right Front contact@civilhrfront.org 17891894
    China Civil Human Right Front secretariat@civilhrfront.org 17891894
    Defence Research & Development Organisation Govt. Of India, Ministry of Defence jpsingh@drdo.com password+1
    Indian Embassy in USA amb@indianembassy.org 1234
    The question is ..is this hacker for real??

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    Test em and see! Er um dont. Who knows..

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    The story is all over the net so I would imagine it must be genuine ...........someone is bound to have tried them out

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    I tried a few out, it's kind of hit and miss most of them have had the passwords changed..

    also make sure to use a string of proxy's, i mean you wouldn't want the FBI knocking down your door because of a simple misunderstanding now would you.

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    well, someone definitely did their homework.. i give them props, it's not like all of us can do something so insane, at least without getting caught lol

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