making a linux WiFi server
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Thread: making a linux WiFi server

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    making a linux WiFi server

    We are trying to set-up a wifi sever and we are using linux but we are having some trouble can someone help plz


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    I am afraid I do not follow. Be a little more specific, and we might be able to help you out. Welcome to AO...
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    Like using a Linux box as a router?
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    no probably couldn't.
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    Perhaps stalker42 means configuring a Linux OS to connect to a wireless router. I have had trouble with that in the past. Kubuntu is a pain in that regard.

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    ok this is exclty what we are doing

    we are trying to set-up a wifi server for my business and we are using ubuntu for the os and free radius as the sever software....we need the server to act as an automatic certificate download and we also need to have the ablity to ban and moniter the people that are on the server


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    WiFi server?!? You mean a WiFi Access Point? With Radius authentication?
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