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    SQL SERVER 2000 to ACCESS 2007


    I have a database that was made in SQL SERVER 2000....I have the mdf and ldf files. Due to certain constraints and requirements, I want to have the same database in Access 2007.

    So, is there a way to import directly the database....it'll be fine even if only the tables are imported. Creating the database all over from scratch will be really hectic....any solutions or suggestions....plz share!!!

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    Not so straight forward in SQL 2000 2005 has a neat little wizard.

    Anyway In enterprise manager first Generate your SQL Scripts. In access (And this is from memory) you create a new database from file, or object - can't remember.

    Once your database is created you can export the data from SQL to the Access database you just created. If you monkey around with it enough you may be able to get all trust relationships, users, object rights, etc.

    Good luck, it's a pain in the ass to go backwards.

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    It's fairly straightforward through 2000 via DTS. It won't support everything the 2000 db did but you will have your data.
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    yes , it would be easy using DTS in mssql2000
    tools..data transformation services .. import data
    Data Source : microsoft access
    browse to the file
    the other is self explanatory

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