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    cgywin ssh script help

    Hello all,

    I'm sorta new with cgywin and needed some help with a problem.

    I want to write a script that allows me to shutdown every computer in my house from the command line of my laptop. The script is easy enough but getting it executed on the remote computers is the problem. I checked windows and found
    out about RSH but that seems to have gone extinct around NT4.0. From there I went to ssh for a remote connection to the computers. That has worked up until the point I try and run the script remotely. When I access the C: drive on the remote computer where I have the script stored I type ./xxx.bat.

    The computer then reports the script to the C prompt and then tells me
    "incorrect function"

    Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?


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    shutdown /s /m \\192.168.x.x /t 0 /f /c "System Shutting Down"

    Just use above along with a loop for each IP Address and you are sorted as long as you run it as admin.

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