The whole problem is we are required to check it daily to be in compliance with our procedures (set by the parent company).

We have about 20 IT people for North America, 15 are user support, help desk, whatever you want to call the desktop guys. We have a lot of crap to work on, a lot of problems caused by this three way integration.

The procedure requires a manual check of the AV vendor's website for the latest version, a manual check of each server that servers and end users pull updates from, the data to be recorded into a spreadsheet, the name of the operator that checked it, and date and time.

Rather than waste the time of any of the already overwhelmed staff members we have, I will automate this process.

1.) The automated process will wget and grep the latest info from the server.

2.) Automatically determine what version that is on each server.
Solved for McAfee, Symantec is what I was looking for help for.

3.) Send an email with the data highlighting any servers that are not current, with a url to follow to that marks the records as having been checked.

4.) Have a simple report that I can use for evidence instead of a spreadsheet.

I am almost done with the process, I was just looking for some knowledge from some of the very knowledgable Symantec users I know browse these forums. I am waiting on approval to access these servers that I currently do not have access to, when I get it I will finish the project.