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    Traffic filtering and plotting graphs for them

    First of all, I would like to explain my senario.
    Let's say request from my network goes for three different destination network pool in internet, and And according to the senario there is one interface connected to my local network and another interface is gateway to internet. Now i have to make one graph for traffic destination to and and another graph for traffic destination to Is it is possible by comman graph plotting tools like Mrtg , Cacti. I think they cannot plot sperate graph for different destination address rather than they only plot graph through a particular interface. There must be solution for this, please suggest me.

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    Well depends on where all the information is stored but what I did for my last project with graphing is parsed a text log into a mysql database then from there it can be pulled in with php and graphed. I used the JPGraph libraries to make it easy on myself.

    That way it is browser/os independent, easy to access, and I have a set of filters and drop downs that let me select options such at date ranges. Works pretty well.

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