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Thread: SuSE Networking

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    Smile SuSE Networking

    I am not new to Linux,but I am new to Linux Networking.
    I have SuSE10.2 and Ubuntu7.04.
    I want to learn to make a FTP and a LAN server of my own having 200 terminals,
    which should be (obviously)virus free(Linux is virus free OOps!!!!!!!!)and smoothly working without frequent crashes.
    Can you give me the links and/or tutorials so that I can learn about FTP servers and types of FTP servers that can be made on SuSE ,Ubuntu and fedora.
    Thanx in advance for your help.

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    ProFTPD seems to set the FTP standard for Linux servers. I'm sure there's other good ones too.

    You might check out something like Webmin for admin'ing your server. There's some nice packages out there like ClarkConnect and SME Server that make it very easy to set up a server.
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    Hey Gore Thanx a lot,the tutorial was a gr8 help for my college project,though I had to change a bit to suit my need.
    Thanx once again.

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    No problem

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