Hey folks,

I am involved in an extensive rebuild of my computer. The last step is picking a monitor...

I have an old 17" CRT 'standard' monitor now, and I am looking at a 19" or greater LCD monitor. Not many options unless I go Widescreen. Being a member of the "old school", I'm not used to seeing monitors in a widescreen type dimension.

How disorienting is it, switching from a standard to a widescreen monitor? And what would you recommend?

Applicable specs:

Win Vista Home Premium (soon to be Ultimate, when the upgrade DVD-ROM gets here), 2 GB RAM, GeForce FX 6200 256MB GPU (DVI connection).

Any opinions or thoughts for a Widescreen newbie? What is the default resolution? I've lived by 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 for years.