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    XP Bush Easter Egg

    I found this the other day and I thought it was amazing:

    Load up notepad.
    Type "bush hid the facts"
    save the document, any name works.
    Close it.
    Open it again.
    what you open isn't what you typed.

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    Umm, yes it is....

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    Actually it isn't, when you open it backup notepad is unable to show you the special characters thats in the saved doc, I've pasted below and it appears in the forum quick reply box as Chinese I believe

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    Type "bush hid the facts"
    You have to remove the quotes and then save it.
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    It works with anything in the format: 4 3 3 5 letters (even gibberish).

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    Funny works good. I used dean ate the co**s, and asked if he is trying to hide something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phishphreek
    You have to remove the quotes and then save it.
    I did remove the quotes. Still looks the same.

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    Well it isn't an "XP Easter Egg"................ it does the same in Windows 2000.

    If you open the saved document in OpenOffice you get what you originally typed. Same deal with Wordpad, so it looks like a "notepad" thing?

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    Hmm that is wierd... someone explain
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    Not quite an easter egg

    I thought this was an interesting quirk, but there is an explanation for it http://www.eeggs.com/items/48383.html
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