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Thread: Hard Disk prob

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    Hard Disk prob

    My hard disk always show the following message" cyclic redundance check", when i try to copy my files, and the copying speed is either cannot be completed or way too slow, and when it is copying, the whole computer lags. the problem cannot be solve even after i format my drive. Is there anyway to solve the prob? i would really appreciate ur help

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    Hello, and welcome to AO.

    Please do the following:

    1. Back up all your important data immediately.
    2. Go to your HDD manufacturer's website and get their diagnostic tool and run it.

    You don't say what OS you are running, or what application you are using to copy these files. Also what are you copying from and to?

    The usual cause of a cyclical redundancy check error message is a corrupt file, frequently due to damaged media.

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    i am using seagate SATA hard disk, and my OS is windows xp.
    When i say i try to copy the files, i just mean to copy the files in the corrupted disk into my other hard disk.
    i downloaded the seatools for windows and try to run the tests available. i was unable to run the short drive self test, long drive self test, long generic test, but i was able to run the short generic test and passed.
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    Cyclical redundancy check? Just saw that one today trying to copy files
    from a burned CD. The CD won't even run an install. Bad media, indeed.

    Did you run chkdsk? Try running "chkdsk /r c:" from a command prompt.
    You'll be prompted to run it on a reboot. Hit "Y" and then reboot. Then
    watch it. It will tell you how many bad sectors you've got. The fact you
    can't run the OEM's diags is not a good sign.

    Nihil's right: start backing up your data.
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    Download the Seatools for DOS. It comes in a floppy and CD version. Boot from it. You should then be able to run all the tests..
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