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    Exclamation Cannot access Hotmail with IE

    When trying to access Hotmail account with IE 6 sp2,it seemed to accept my login,but just would not bring me to my Inbox.I upgraded to IE 7,but with same results.Funny thing is that I can access my Gmail and Yahoo accounts.Anyway,I proceeded to download and install Firefox,and this is where it gets serious,as I am now able to access my Hotmail account with Firefox.Now I have nothing against Firefox,but since I pride myself on having a 100% clean machine(no virii,spyware,trojans or malware of any kind!),I am just concerned that there is some kind of malware that I just can't seem to locate.If there is anone out there that thinks they have the solution,please share it with me.Thanks.
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    Clear the cache. Go to the "Control Panel" then "Internet Options"
    and delete all the cookies, files and history. Or, better yet, download
    and run Ccleaner.
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    Actually that was the first thing I did.Didn't work.Anyone else?!
    Thanks though.
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    Just a few thoughts:

    1. Try an interactive scanner like "Housecall"
    2. Check your IE settings for handling of scripts & security settings
    3. What happens if you log in as administrator?
    4. How far into Hotmail do you seem to get?
    5. Any clues in the event logs?

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    Try adding it to trusted sites too. Usually if it's a script handling issue, that will resolve it very quickly, depending on your settings for that zone of course.

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    You might want to try and put an "s" in front of http:\\. Worked for me with gmail. Just a thought.
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    I had a very similar problem a few days ago (see: http://antionline.com/showthread.php?t=275923) which has resolved now. I tried using a different account in my XP Pro and that led to the possibility of a corrupted profile, as well as other problems.

    It could be a coincidence, but I just wonder if there is a problem at hotmail's "end".

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