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    SICK of Adobe's "security"


    Is anyone else fed up with the horrible bloated security hole ridden Adobe Reader that comes bundled with crap? I know I am. Does anyone else use something as an alternative? How do you manage updates for their sofware?

    You'd think that Adobe would have some centralized mgt server available for administrators that constantly have to deal with their crappy products. Between flash and Adobe, I'm constantly wasting bandwith downloading their updates.

    Same thing for Sun's java... that was also really pisses me off.
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    Foxit is a suitable sub for Adobe Reader. I found it quite satisfactory. It'll even run off a usb stick as a portable app. There's also PDF-XChange Viewer. I was going to give that one a whirl on this 'new' box. I still rely heavily on older versions of Acrobat though, v4 and v5 specifically.
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    Foxit is great ive been using it for quite some time. Its really small and really fast.

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    Use foxit, 2000% better. I've deleted all traces of Adopey from any PCs I own, yrs ago.

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    Foxit is great for PDF's, but it doesn't support Digital Editions (read: protected e-books), unfortunately - so it's not a complete replacement for Reader and/or Adobe Digital Editions.

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    I got rid of Adobe, and now use visagesoft's free eXPert PDF reader. It is adequate for my very limited needs for plain reading of the files.

    It does not auto-update, or if it does it is not on by default.

    EDIT: Sorry, that was a sloppy post, here is the link......... they do the usual pay for stuff as well.

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