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Thread: banned from gamin site for server security bypass

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    Unhappy gamin site server security

    Hello i and my son have a bad problem. We have been playin an online game and have recently been banned. The reason is for server security bypass. I was referred to you from a game site. I have very limited computer knowledge and when i told gaming site i have no idea how to bypass a security measure and we just play. I was told by support they dont know of any other way than to modify game client. I have no knowledge how to do anything like. I do not want any info on how to do something like this, but i would like some possible explantions. Is it possible for my game client to be modified without my knowledge such as trojan, worm or something. Could it have been from running antivirus removal or something? Help would be greatly appreciated as it has bothered my son badly. It is a free MMORG but we have spent real money on upgrades and items.
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