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Thread: someone hate me

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    nihil guess right i got apirated windows xp

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    Hi -Wiski,

    1. Windows 2000 is trivial to pirate, as it does not require activation. Sure, there is a "nominal" WGA control for non-essential stuff, but it is really just an extension of NT 4.0 (root around in it and you will see it described as NT 5.0)

    The whole "WGA" thing is designed for XP and Vista.

    Also, Win 2000 is rather obsolete, and I don't think that MS expected it to be pirated, as it is the last of their "corporate" desktop OSes. They don't sell it anymore, so they "ain't tryin that hard?"

    2. Security is not on the CD. It lies with the activation requirement and the hardware auditing. If you have an OEM copy of Windows it is only supposed to be installed on one machine ....... ever.

    If you have a retail copy, you can transfer it, and if you have an institutional licence you can basically install as many as you like. Institutions tend to have their own desktop "build" so the activation is not the same process.

    If you think of how many millions of installations there are, you will perhaps see why a pirated copy will go undetected?

    Say that I go to my local store and buy a copy of Win XP (yes, I still can )

    I build a couple of OEM boxes and sell them. I use the same CD to load the OS. I make a copy of the CD, provide a "recovery" disk and some diagnostics and repair tools. Free firewall & AV and security tools, Open Office 2.2............ and so on.

    I give the customer the product key and tape a copy of the important stuff on the inside of the case.

    I should stick a holographic label on the outside, but I don't.

    Now, I am not sure to what level M$ have gotten these days, and they seem to be getting more aware as time progresses (each "Patch Tuesday"). However, unless that product code is used to generate an activation code an excessive number of times, no-one will be any the wiser.

    Remember WGA only checks your system. It would not know that you were downloading the same updates multiple times?

    Where the system gets triggered, is when the same institutional/corporate licence is used in places where it shouldn't, used too many times. etc.

    Otherwise, there are activation codes on the net, or even code generators, but no-one seems to write a proper one? so they attract attention?

    My conclusion is that you can get away with things for a while, but eventually WGA will get you............. guilty or not


    Is it a "genuine" pirate copy, or were you sold it under false pretences? there is a difference that might matter.

    Please look at Ubuntu as a Linux distro if you are new to Linux. That includes Kubuntu.

    The site is down prior to the release of v7.10 but here is the link:


    You will need to set up a free account, and they will mail you copies of the stuff that you ask them for......... FREE! they even pay the post and packing!

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