I have been wanting to get a cert under my belt for a while now, and iv got a couple of brainbench certs under my belt but I need something with a bit of weight behind it now. i.e. M$, CISCO, or COMPTia. My employer does seem to want to shell out for training.

I have tried self study and I have found it very difficult, trying to fit around my family, work, and general life I found very difficult, and usually my study fell by the way side either because I was too tired, or just didnt have the inclination to break open the books after a 8 hour day in a school with autistic children. Because of this I have come to the conclusion that for me, the best option is a formal training style at a college or something, my only issue with this is cost obvuisly formal training is alot more expensive, which is an issue for me as cash isnt exactly like running water at the moment.

presently i`m on 16000 a year and an ICT technician been in the same kind of role for 7 years now at various different schools in the midlands. What would be my best alternative formal training-wise to get me on that next run of the ladder without me having to don a mask and rob the local barclays?


Craig Dunn