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    WAP Locating App

    I tried looking on here quickly but didnt find what I am looking for.

    I want to assess my network in a building that is over a million square feet.
    I am looking to locate all AP's Rogue and ones that belong.
    I am open to using *nix or Windows App
    I dont want to really spend any more money
    The current infrastructure is Cisco Based

    My Setup:
    Dell D620 laptop
    Cisco Aironet Air CB21AG-A-K9 Card 802.11 A/B/G
    Running Windows XP

    What I have tried:
    We have an application called AirMagnet which is good but only licensed to one of our laptops and I am really hoping there might be something Open Source out there that is better.

    I booted off a Distro Called BackTrack which is a compilation of Whax and some others I think. I used Kismet and while it was a good application I really want something that will home me in on the exact location of the AP.

    What I want
    Find AP's whether or not they are broadcasting their SSID
    See if People are connected to it
    Home in on the exact location of the Signal
    Pull MAC of the AP
    Attempt to connect to the AP

    my knowledge in linux is limited but there is a willingness to learn if it is beneficial.

    I appreciate any advice that anyone can offer.


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